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Assessments-Every taxpayer has to furnish the details of his income to the Income-tax Department. These details are to be furnished by filing up his return of income. Once the return of income is filed up by the taxpayer, the next step is the processing of the return of income by the Income Tax Department. The Income Tax Department examines the return of income for its correctness. The process of examining the return of income by the IncomeTax department is called as “Assessment”. Assessment also includes re-assessment and best judgment assessment under section 144.
Under the Income-tax Law, there are four major assessments given below:
• Assessment under section 143(1), i.e., Summary assessment without calling the assessee.
• Assessment under section 143(3), i.e., Scrutiny assessment.
• Assessment under section 144, i.e., Best judgment assessment.
• Assessment under section 147, i.e., Income escaping assessment.
Appeals- Income tax liability is determined at the level of Assessing Officer first. A tax payer aggrieved by various actions of Assessing Officer can appeal before Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals). Further appeal can be preferred before the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal. On substantial question of law, further appeal can be filed before the High Court and even to the Supreme Court. With the ladder up approach appeal procedures are explained below:
1. Appeal Before Commissioner (Appeals)
2. Appeal Before Income Tax Appellate Tribunal
3. Appeal Before High Court
4. Appeal Before Supreme Court

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